Why I Voted For Donald Trump in 2016…and Why I Will Again in 2020!


Perfect? No. Flawed? Like all of us. But my vote in 2016 was an investment in a better & stronger America. In short, I voted for ideas, not a man. I voted for an attitude of love for America I hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

And Donald Trump had me at the escalator ride. I loved his confidence, his dogged determination, and his willingness to leave his lofty perch of wealth and fame to become the “whipper-boy” of the American Left and the oligarchs of both political parties in D.C., because he KNEW he could do it better…AND dared to say so. I still do. I have never seen a president withstand the attacks and criticism President Trump has since he was elected…and stay on course.

That’s why, in my mind, no one was better suited to take a wrecking-ball to our corrupt government system than a man who built his wealth and found his fame tearing down rot and rebuilding glory in its place. And, let’s face it, D.C. has plenty of rot to tear down. Each Trump speech, each Trump action, each Trump tweet exposes more and more where it is. I’ve enjoyed the show so far.

Donald Trump is a man with a willingness to speak his mind, speak plainly, and call-out the career politicians who claim they have the “fix” for what ails America, when it was them who created the problem. Further, when Trump speaks, he speaks for the millions the media and elected officials have ignored.  It crosses party lines but the Trump Presidency has been particularly aggravating to the national  Republican party apparatchik who really needed to be kicked in the seat of the pants for years of talk and little action. For myself, this straight talk and bold action is just what America needs.

The Democratic Party, the American Left, the GOP establishment and their friends in the American media have met their match in Trump because he has the “cajones” to stand up to them, call them what they are, and can withstand the onslaught of negative attacks from all directions on his family, his character, his accomplishments, and his vision…with a smirk that says “Is that all you’ve got?”

Trump’s plain speak is precisely what is necessary to solve America’s problems…and exactly why his supporters are still with him–through 90+% negative media coverage and even impeachment. The forked-tongue of politician-speak and political-correctness is finally being exposed and held accountable. No more excuses for inaction and ineptitude. No more applying themselves to “politics” instead of the people’s business, giving a thousand bogus excuses as to why they had could not get something done.

President Trump has confronted the problems they’ve avoided–whether its the economy, foreign policy, or corruption–with direct action, using language that is not “sensitive,” according to the social justice warriors and political snowflakes.  He is not intimidated or moved by any of the criticism—as illustrated by his pressers and appearances—and I am applauding it…loudly. So is most of America.

Even now, after three years of a booming economy, foreign policy victories, and American success there are still those Trump detractors who believe President Trump is only about Trump. How they can say that after the beating he has withstood from his opponents and hostile media is beyond me. He doesn’t give a whit about the country, they fret, America is simply his new choice of playground. Or so the argument goes. They apply this to him almost daily: Trump only talks about himself, he calls people names, he just wants to be the center of attention, etc. His daily appearances on Twitter serve as reinforcement to them that Trump is some ego-maniac demagogue run amok in the Oval Office. How misguided, how myopic, how foolish.

President Trump’s supporters know this is a deliberate smear and mischaracterization of him. There is much more to Trump than the Left, Washington politicians, and the media understand. He has twisted them in knots and we are quite enjoying the show. We like that he is  thumbing his nose at the “political establishment” that has ignored us for too long. We love that he has taken over the narrative from the national media, communicating directly with Americans, via social media. Who would’ve thought the media would go nuts over something as simple as a “tweet?”

Trump is squarely confronting issues Americans care about and take interest in with a brutal honesty many share. The media may find them trivial, but we don’t: Adam (“Pencilneck” “Shifty”) Schiff, Elizabeth (“Fauxcohontas”) Warren, CNN (“Fake News”), Kim Jong Un (“short and fat”), “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, “Crazy” Nancy Pelosi, and the “squad” of Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Omar to name just a few.  We like it. He gets it. It’s refreshing. My father was blunt, too. Greatest man I ever knew. Sentimentality and feelings weren’t his strong suit, either.

Trump’s supporters agree with his vision and grand plans for America. We like what he has accomplished so far. We agree with how he is going about it. We like him, we believe in him, and we are not buying that he does not care about America. We believe Trump truly does want to make America great again and we’re staying with him. Trump is driving the “America” bus now, and we are proud to have seat and ride along.

We like that he is squarely confronting serious questions–political or social–with direct answers, while thumbing his nose at the politically correct oligarchy—Republican or Democrat—that has created the national situation we find ourselves in–politically and socially. We love that he is exposing the anti-American sentiments. Democrats are siding with terrorists for Pete’s sake! Publicly!

I’m happy with who I voted for in 2016. I’m voting for him again in 2020. My vote for Donald J. Trump was a vote for ideas–ideas that elevated American greatness and protects the ideals that made America great. Trump is clearing the old rot that has weakened the country’s foundations and is strengthening it anew. And I’m patient.  My votes will pay back the dividends I expect. No way I’m selling this stock, or giving up on Trump. America won’t, either.

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